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The name "The Five Dollar Project" stands for the ability to create meaningful change through a collective of individual actions. Although we push to create environmental projects that do not entirely rely on money to be impactful, The Five Dollar Project recognizes that money is something that many people can contribute to support and strengthen a project.

We feel that many people in our community have the ability to give five of an action towards an initiative. 

Five dollars, five petitions signed, five links shared, five people aware. 


Five dollars that are instead directed towards projects addressing issues in communities that are strongest hit by climate change and the environmental damage it creates. 

We are called The Five Dollar Project because we want to highlight the impact every person has on climate change, and how we as a community can shift our actions towards fighting the roots of climate injustice in our communities. 

Our Foundations 


Five dollars alone cannot solve climate change and bring climate justice to our communities, but if enough people put their part into helping student projects flourish, we will collectively create the change we need towards ensuring a habitable future. 

We encourage our community to not settle for doing the minimum action. We all have the power to work for change through consistency and active engagement in our initiatives. 

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Our Partners