Parlante Al Mundo

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated many rural areas in Ecuador, limiting the opportunity for safe access to essential products like masks and food.

Indigenous organization Tukuykunapak and The Five Dollar Project are fundraising financial support for the Ecuadorian Province of Cotopaxi, Cantón Pujilí, Parroquia Zumbahua: those supported being vulnerable indigenous people living near the Pichincha and Cotopaxi volcanoes. Centered in Ecuador, Tukuykunapak ("for everyone" in Kichwa, their mother tongue) will convert donations into care packages for community members, providing them with safe reusable masks, nutrient-rich foods, and warm clothing. Our fundraiser will be distributing funds to 800 members of the community. We are highlighting each other's voices to fundraise COVID-19 relief.  Community members were asked to speak about topics they care about-from local environmental issues to cultural traditions. Our people are offering an inside perspective into the diverse culture and experiences in Ecuador.


These videos serve as education and encouragement to community members who want to support indigenous people impacted by the pandemic in an empowering way. All collaboration and efforts were made in equal consideration by the Tukuykunapak and The Five Dollar Project.




In this initiative, the Tukuykunapak are driving out to film different community members and their experiences. They are also translating videos spoken in Kichwa to standard Spanish. All videos were filmed and posted with participants consent. The Five Dollar Project is extending the video's messages and outreach by translating it to English for English-speaking donors, and networking with environmental activists to create a larger donor reach.  All funds collected were withdrawn from The Five Dollar Project, used to buy supplies, and delivered to Tukuykunapak in Quito, Ecuador. All receipts signaling fund transfer and usage for community packages were published on @thefivedollarproject social media.

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