Food For Maria Troncatti

Maria Troncatti is an Ecuadorian school run by the Caminitos De Luz Foundation. This foundation provides quality food, clothing, and education for children ages 4-12 in the community where Maria Troncatti is located. 


Ecuador is one of the hardest hit countries by COVID-19 in South America, resulting in many Ecuadorians losing their jobs and accessibility to public resources that facilitate survival.

As a community that already faces environmental issues due to a local buildup of city waste and polluted resources, the residents of Cumbaya are also facing job losses and overall financial hardship.


Caminitos De Luz ran a weekly food drive for qualifying families whose children attend Maria Troncatti. Families who qualify for the Caminitos food donations have been hardest hit by this lack of income, as they are not able to provide their children with basic food supplies essential for survival. However, Caminitos De Luz needed more funding to buy food for all 110 families currently being helped. 

In two months, The Five Dollar Project has raised over $5,300, which helped finance the physical food drive Caminitos De Luz was hosting.

Families received food baskets containing fibrous grains, beans, masks, milk, crackers, and oatmeal. 

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Click on the graph to learn more about the recipient demographic.

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