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The Five Dollar Project is a student led movement focused on reducing socioeconomic disparity exacerbated by climate change and the environmental issues that ensue by helping families access lucrative products and opportunities in their communities. As an international grassroots initiative, our goal is to mitigate the effects of climate change on marginalized communities through peer empowerment and action.


The Five Dollar Project launches individual student led projects that tackle the roots of climate injustice in communities around the world. We feel that in order to create meaningful change, one must acknowledge the barriers people face that limit their access to sustainable services and economic opportunities. With education and communication, we structure our projects around eliminating socioeconomic barriers that weaken the effects of climate action on communities.  Through our projects, we work towards breaking down barriers that otherwise limit our peers from changing issues that bring climate injustice into their community. The Five Dollar Project also provides guidance and resources for students who want expand the impact of their own environmental projects.


The team of The Five Dollar Project has extensive experience with creating sustainable startup projects in communities around the world. The Five Dollar Project emphasizes using sustainable action methods like Design Thinking, that help separate a project's success from the amount of financing available. We acknowledge the importance of integrating independent yet feasible practices into a climate action plan. These methods are vital in helping every student find their own way to fight climate change and the disparity it brings into communities, no matter their background. The Five Dollar Project tackles climate injustice through projects with engagement techniques that promote impactful and long lasting initiatives.

Meet the team

Nichole Ruiz
Projects and Logistics

Nichole Ruiz is an avid child activist whose strongest concerns are climate change, gun violence, and intergenerational injustice. A junior at TERRA in Miami, she has used her two years of high school to create change on the issues she is passionate about. In addition to The Five Dollar Project, Nichole co-coordinated two international children's rights forums (IofC's Child Rights In Action) and is a spokesperson for Students Demand Action, a student led movement for gun sense. Nichole also loves painting, cooking vegetarian dishes, and growing plants in her garden.

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Projects and Logistics

Jonathan is a freshman at University of Michigan who likes reading, art, biking, and conservation biology. He primarily looks at environmental issues from an ecological perspective, but is always eager to find the interdisciplinary areas between social issues and environmental issues. In his free time, Jonathan likes watching movies, filmmaking, and playing video games with friends.

Veronica Silvosa
Social Outreach

Verónica Silvosa is a senior in high school that tries to include her love of film and journalism into everything she does; from editing to writing, Veronica loves every part of making a video. She also enjoys baking for her family, completing 500-piece puzzles, setting up the perfect outfit, and fangirling over David Bowie. She values education and family above anything else and is looking forward to going back to school once it is safe to go outside.

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Etienne Quancard

Etienne Quancard is a young student activist living in France. Growing up, he became passionate about video content and opened his own YouTube channel. Etienne has trained with Youtube France in effectively engaging a community, managing social networks and more. He plans on creating LCDM PROD., a company that helps young video creators on the Internet. Etienne actively manages several social networks associated with brand launches and political campaigns. He is now the Director of Communications for the environmental organization Earth Uprising France.

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Felice Dong

Felice Dong is a senior in high school who enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. In her free time, she plays the piano and exercises outdoors. She regularly volunteers at homeless shelters and schools and teaches piano to underprivileged children.

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Mariam Orabi

Mariam Orabi is a senior at Terra high school. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves to travel and explore new places. She spends the majority of her time participating in a variety of extra-curricular activities. Some of which are Girl Scouts and volunteering at ZooMiami. Mariam also spends her time reading up on environmental issues and doing what she can do to help.

Roy Abi Raad
Projects and Logistics

Roy Abi Raad is a Lebanese teenager and founder of Youngtakeaction. He is also Delegates at Youth and the future of Food, in the UNDP Lebanon 2030 YLP, and more. He is climate activist and member in SDG 3, 13. Roy likes to eat and cook a lot, with Lebanese food being his favourite. Working and improving himself are his goals. In his free, he watches series and surfs the internet.

Isabel Salvador-Turner
Social Outreach

Isabel Salvador-Turner is a senior in high school who plans on studying International Buisness. Isabel enjoys research, buisness, and history. She also is a tennis player and avid member of The Firebird Singers. In addition to the Five Dollar Projeft social outreach leadership team, Isabel is the president of  Youth Of Doral and Vice President of MAKE foundation.

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Valeria Duran
Projects and Logistics

Valeria Duran is a senior in the theatre magnet at Miami Arts Studio. She has always advocated for issues like the environment and human rights. TFDP has given her the chance to fight for equality and spread awareness. Vale also enjoys volunteering, learning ASL, baking, watching (but never finishing) shows, and spending time with family and friends.

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Ruba Aridi
Projects and Logistics

Ruba is a student at the Lebanese University and an aspiring telecommunications engineer with a passion for new technologies whose aim is to sustain the environment. She's Ambassador of Beirut AI (an applied Artificial Intelligence community in Lebanon): she believe AI has a huge role to play in the fight against climate change. She enjoys listening to music, reading books and watching soccer games in her free time.

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Stephanie Guerra
Social Outreach

Stephanie Guerra is a senior at TERRA high school. She believes that with kindness and passion, one can accomplish much in life. She volunteers with local businesses and tutors at her school. She likes listening and dancing to music (like a lot) and dreams of working in the music industry as a record/music producer. She bakes for family and friends, crafts, and spends time outside. She started a TFDP mental-health initiative called Climate Conversations.

Glennys Navarrete
Projects and Logistics

Glennys Cera Navarrete is a proud advocate for climate change, marine conservation, and human rights. Born to immigrant parents, she strongly believes in cultural representation and enjoys living in the mixing pot that is South Florida. In the penultimate semester of her Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science with a passion for wildlife photography, Glennys is dedicated to cementing herself as on one of the brightest minds of her generation.

Aseel Soboh

Aseel Soboh is a 17-year old Palestine refugee based in Lebanon. She studies at one of the schools of UNRWA. She  believes in the change young leaders are able to make and she can't wait to be a part of the solution.

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Sofa Salvador Turner

Sofia is super passionate about  computer science and mathematics. She is on the Firebirds volleyball team. She's also part of her schools Science National Honor Society. She loves to learn new things and stay active as much as she can. As a young student she has great hope in her future on this planet, so she aspires to help the environment in any way that she can.

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Rachel Burdick
Projects and Logistics

Rachel Burdick is a current high school senior at Burlingame High School located in the Bay Area. She works on the projects and logistics branch of TFDP helping to plan and coordinate various environmental events. In the future Rachel would like to pursue environmental science studies in college and continuing fighting for climate justice!

What types of projects do we make?

All our initiatives' main focus is breaking down local environmental issues while addressing systematic barriers that prevent people from integrating carbon neutral practices into their lifestyles. 


The Five Dollar Project launches projects in different communities around the world.


Each project consists of students who want to create change on an environmental issue that affects a community they know or would like to work with. 


How does The Five Dollar Project address climate change?